Monday, March 19, 2007

What do you look for in a course?

So what makes a good course? What makes you smile on that long ride home after a round? What pisses you off?
What do you look for when you play a course? Is it the service? The clubhouse? The practice facilities? The course design? The condition? The variety of holes? The pace of play?

Let me know what makes you feel good about dropping $100 on a round.

Movies for 2007

Ok Ok so its not a golf related post....but hey I've got other interests you know!

What movies are we looking forward to this summer to fill in that non-golf time?

For me its the following"
Spiderman 3
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Mr Bean's Holiday(Dont ask!!!)
Lucky You (as requested by my wonderful wife :)
300 (love the gore)

Am I missing something? Someone out there help me out please........

New Equipment for 2007

So who's excited to try that new overpriced, oversized driver? Or those multi-layer, super forged, midsize, super-sweetspot, extra forgiving, extra distance guaranteeing irons? Or the putter with the insert that is made of that rare material that is made of recycled Titleist Dt90s...that of course will make those 40 footers drop like never before?

Not me. I'm tired of seeing new and improved equipment that just doesnt deliver the goods....and at ridiculous prices! Do you think that a square driver is better than a previous driver introduced two months earlier? Yeah its ugly....but its super long and obscenely straight.....I mean within 2 yards of the 150 yard marker!

So what is everyone putting in their bag this year? Are you buying retail or off the net? Is it going to make a difference in scoring? Driving Distance? Accuracy? Or make you want to pund your chest after you hit that driver so far your friends will scream....'you da man'..........

What's up with Tiger?

Well, like most golf fans I tuned in sunday to the Arnold Palmer Invitational hoping for tiger to creep up the leaderboard and make things interesting. Well as soon as I tuned in, he bogeys...then double-bogeys. Then he's nowhere to be found. Whats up? Where is the short putting that he could depend on day in and day out? Anything under 6ft was considered a gimme...and now....its a knee knocker. Has he taken lessons from Sergio?

What does everyone think? Will he get it turned around at Doral .....will he be ready for Augusta where you live and die by your putter?

Tell me what you think and more?

Phil.....where the hell are you my friend?