Monday, March 19, 2007

What do you look for in a course?

So what makes a good course? What makes you smile on that long ride home after a round? What pisses you off?
What do you look for when you play a course? Is it the service? The clubhouse? The practice facilities? The course design? The condition? The variety of holes? The pace of play?

Let me know what makes you feel good about dropping $100 on a round.


Outspokengolfer said...

Well here is what I look for:
I am really not interested in the additional service that comes with overpriced golf courses these days. Do I want someone to carry my clubs to the i want a ride to the can walk thanks...Do i want a cart mandatory with my green thanks...a good course needs to be walked to be thoroughly enjoyed, and it allows the player to understand and admire the distinctive factors that make one course better than others. Carts are supposed to increase revenue...they do not speed up play, especially with the always annoying mandatory cart rule! Nothing like dropping $150 to play and then having to carry 4 clubs across the fairway only to find that you still have the wrong one for the shot!!!
What I do want is polite, friendly proshop, starter and marshalls. Treat people nice and they will return. Why do think people come back to walmart? Its the greeters!!!
Practice facilities must include a grass tee range with greens, and marked yardages. Free balls too.
As for the course, immaculate conditioning, thoughtful layout and flow of the holes. Variation of straight, right to left and left to right holes. Bunkers placed where all levels of golfers will require shot making to avoid them.
Long and short 3s, 4s and 5s. Go for it in two Par 5s are always nice...nothing like a little risk-reward to get the adrenalin pumping.
And a sweet finishing hole!! Especially when playing with buddies, competitively nothing is better than a challenging Par 4 or 5(not a Par 3) to finish on!!!

Oh and dont forget lots of water!!!

Matthew said...

All courses offer a variety of challenges.

What doesn't impress me is golf course maintenance taken place when your playing. Lawn mowers and diggers spoil the round.

Equally, lack of irrigation facilities for wet weather and a lack of clarity with the grass between where the fairway ends and rough begins.

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